Cox honored by state


King Director of Planning and Inspections Todd Cox has been named the North Carolina Zoning Official of the Year.

The North Carolina Association of Zoning Officials (NCAZO) presented the award on Tuesday, July, 28.

This award is presented annually to a zoning administrator, inspector, code enforcement officer, planner, or other official responsible for the administration of zoning. This person must have qualities of leadership and dedication to their job; have thorough knowledge of the ordinances that he/she is responsible for administering and/or enforcing, and must possess the ability to handle difficult tasks in a manner that exemplifies the traits of professionalism sought by the NCAZO.

“Todd is the gold standard for zoning professionals in our state”, said City Manager Homer Dearmin. “Our Planning Board and City Council depend on him for guidance concerning state laws and city ordinances, and he demonstrates the utmost professionalism in the administration of his duties.”

Cox has worked for the City of King since 1992, and has served as Director of Planning and Inspections for the City since 2000. In that time, he has handled 163 rezoning requests, 62 conditional use permits, and 376 subdivision reviews, in addition to hundreds of code enforcement cases and thousands of permits and inspections over the course of his service to the city.

A nomination from Mayor Jack Warren and King’s City Council reads in part: “Mr. Cox has earned our respect and trust. His in-depth knowledge of our Code of Ordinances is invaluable to as we make decisions on zoning issues that frequently come before us. He has been an exemplary employee with the City of King for almost 23 years, and has been responsible and dedicated to the duties of his position.”

Todd, his wife Lisa, and daughter Bethany reside in King, and are active in their community and church.

“It is exciting for our city to have Todd selected for this honor”, stated Dearmin. “His professionalism and expertise bring credit to the City of King, and ensures the highest quality service to our citizens when it comes to planning, zoning, code enforcement, and inspections.”

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