Schools to enforce fundraising guidelines

By Nicholas Elmes -

Stokes County schools will be limited to only holding two sales-based fundraisers, one for the school and one for the school PTA or PTO, this year.

That policy has been in place for a while, but the school board agreed to more strictly enforce it this year after learning Monday that several schools had been doing more sales-based fundraisers in recent years.

“There are other ways of raising money without asking the kids to sell stuff,” said Board Chair Sonya Cox. “I think two times a year is more than enough.”

Board Member Bill Hart cautioned that the fundraisers provided much needed money for school improvements and supplies.

“Before we scrap this let’s think about what financial situation we are in,” he said.

“This is just going to change how schools try to collect money from parents,” agreed Board Member Jamie Yontz.

But Board Member Becky Boles said she felt that raising money for schools should not be put on the backs of the students.

“That is one of the sorest subjects in this county,” she said. “You are asking students to keep going out and go selling and selling. We have to start to look at this because it is not good for the kids to be doing this.”

Board Member Pat Messick agreed, noting that in many instances parents ended up buying lots of products to avoid having to sell and to ensure that kids could take part in a program everyone in the school was participating in.

“The kids get excited and then parents see they have to sell stuff to participate,” agreed Cox. “It is hard to say no. There are other ways to raise money. There is donkey basketball and bingo and whatever.”

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By Nicholas Elmes

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