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By Nicholas Elmes -

Rose Tara Plantation is planning a lunch and learn program on Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia for Sept. 17 at the Pioneer Conference Center in King.

“We feel like there is a knowledge gap locally about the disease,” said Rose Tara spokesman Tracey Collins.

The program will feature Dr. Guillermo Lesassier as the keynote speaker, followed by a panel-based question and answer session. The panel will include Pioneer Community Hospital’s Dr. Sam Newsome, Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Dr. James Irion and Adult Protective Services Director Cindy Joyce.

Collins said the discussion will highlight a variety of aspects of dementia, the stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and various warning signs to look for. He said they will also touch on some of the challenges face when dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

“The system is structured so that if you have savings and you require assisted living then the system will take what you have,” he said. “We live in an area where people try to take care of their own, but if you are an only child or an aging spouse yourself, what are the options?

“Most of the time when we evaluate a person for placement they have exhausted every resource and they have really waited too long,” he added. “We want to let the caregivers know what the options are.”

Collins said the lunch and learn will also help direct caregivers to help on financial planning to prepare for having to put a loved one into an assisted living facility.

“The big thing I keep seeing are people who have gotten to the end of their rope before asking for help,” he said. “We hope to give people the wherewithal to start making decisions before it gets to that point.”

The lunch and learn will start at 11:30 a.m. with Dr. Lesassier’s speech starting at noon, and is free and open to the public.

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By Nicholas Elmes

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