Walnut Cove looks for more water

By Nicholas Elmes - nelmes@civitasmedia.com

Walnut Cove officials are trying to figure out the best way to supply more water to the town’s system in an attempt to reduce the amount of water the town has to buy to meet demands during peak summer months.

Town Manger Monty Stevens told the Walnut Cove Board of Commissioners last week that the town has to buy a significant amount of water from Winston-Salem and Stokes County during warmer months to meet increased demand, especially from Parkdale Industries.

He suggested the town consider reopening an existing well in Fowler Park to provide more water for the system.

“The operation of that well ceased in 2000,” said Stevens. “It is still being permitted today and can be used in the case of an emergency, but I have not gotten a clear answer on what an emergency is.”

Stevens recommended if the town found it could not reopen that well then it should consider drilling a new one.

Commissioner Kim Lewis said she thought the Fowler Park well had been closed due to contaminations that were close to the allowable state limits, and Commissioner Sharon Conaway added that she thought the town had also been facing an expensive filter or pump upgrade to the well at the time of its closing.

“We could have gotten more water out of it than we did, but it was more than we could afford at the time,” she said.

Mayor Lynn Lewis said the town had no problem producing enough water in the winter, but agreed that it would save the town money in the long run if it could find a way to produce more during the summer months.

“We have to investigate it and see what it would take to use the well now and find out if contamination is still an issue,” said Conaway. “If we cannot use it then we need to close it. If we can’t put it into the system them I don’t think it is beneficial.”

Mayor Lewis noted that the town would not utilize any well where contamination was a question. The board agreed to have town staff investigate the issue further.

Additions to LPA office

Stevens asked for, and got, board approval to offer two additional services at the new Licence Plate Agency (LPA) office.

“I have been approached about putting an ATM machine in the LPA office,” he said. “There would be no cost to the town, but the town would receive a commission.”

Stevens noted that town personnel would not be responsible for servicing the machine, but said the town would be responsible for providing power for it.

Stevens also said the LPA could offer a variety of vanity items for sale like “Welcome to Walnut Cove” tags, tag holders, and bolts for license plates.

“The town would make a small amount on each of these items that they sell,” said Stevens. “Most of the LPAs have something like this, to some degree.”

Town accepts land gift

The commissioners unanimously accepted a gift of a parcel of land on Main Street that is located between the DeHart office building and the Main Street Diner.

Stevens said the 66-foot by 208-foot parcel was being offered to the town by Greg Hardie.

“The town could sell it, lease it or use it for something like a farmer’s market,” said Stevens.

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By Nicholas Elmes


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