Park lake to get trout Oct. 12

By Nicholas Elmes -

Last week’s wet weather delayed the planned release of trout at Hanging Rock State Park until Oct. 12.

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation are partnering to stock the Hanging Rock State Park lake with 1,200. This will be the second time the lake has been stocked this year.

District 7 Fisheries Biologist Kin Hodges noted that the stocking at Hanging Rock provided anglers with a unique opportunity.

“While almost all other trout waters stocked in the fall are under our ‘Delayed Harvest’ trout management program in which trout cannot be harvested from Oct. 1 through the first Saturday in June, trout stocked in Hanging Rock Lake are eligible to be harvested immediately, making it a great destination for anglers looking to keep a few trout at this time of year,” he said. “Anglers can keep seven trout per day with no size limit or bait restrictions. There is also no requirement for a special trout fishing license and anglers only need a basic N.C. fishing license.”

He said even that basic fishing licence is not required for anglers under 16 years old.

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By Nicholas Elmes

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