4-H dog club starts

Oct. 19 was an exciting meeting for the Stokes County 4 Paws Canine Club.

The club was formed in order to bring youth together with a common passion, their dogs. BOSS provided an opportunity for each member to experience AKC Lure Coursing. This is a sport that was developed for the Site Hounds, such as the Grey Hound, Whippet and others. Several years ago Non-Site hounds were given the opportunity to test their prey drive on this exciting sport.

The club members were given the opportunity to allow their dogs to chase a lure that tested their drive. The course was 182 feet with soft turns. The course was fully enclosed for safety. This was a wonderful game for all the dogs, club members, family and others. There was excitement in the air as each dog found their prey drive and chased the lure.

Club members were not only exposed to a new sport but more than fun they made new friends and shared storied about their dogs. Members were also given the opportunity to network with adults with different backgrounds.


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