Zombies celebrate book fair success

Several teachers at Piney Grove Middle School and their principal were reportedly replaced​ by Zombie-like creatures on Friday, Oct. 16th. The makeover was a result of the most successful school BookFair ever held at Piney Grove, where over 500 books were sold. Principal Steven Hall was tapped for a make-over, in addition, kids voted with their spare change to elect a teacher from each hall. The competition was fierce, but when the last coins were counted, the winning Zombies-in-waiting were teachers Anna Williams (6th grade), Katie Smith, (7th grade), Deborah Blackwell (8th grade) and Justine Luzwick (art). First thing Friday morning, Hall and winning teachers were transformed into Zombies in the school lobby while excited students looked on. Zombies took over classrooms the whole day, teaching as usual and occasionally hamming it up with Mr. Hall and anyone else they did not scare away. Gwen Hawkins, from A Salon On 8, did the hair and supervised art students Reid Hawkins, Autumn Knight, and Megan Bibee in doing the make-up. School Resource Officer, Kelly Brantley did Mr. Hall’s make-up.




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