Mabe appointed to Walnut Cove BOC

By Nicholas Elmes -


One week after municipal elections removed two Walnut Cove Board of Commissioners from office, one of them, Elwood Mabe, has been appointed to fill the unexpired term of former Walnut Cove Commissioner Natalie Smiley who resigned last month after moving out of the county.

Last week residents of Walnut Cove chose challengers Charles Mitchell and Danny Hairston to replace incumbents Kim Lewis and Mabe. Mabe received the third highest vote count with 1o6 votes.

At Tuesday’s commissioners meeting, Commissioner Sharon Conaway said prior to the election the board had discussed the possibility of appointing the third highest vote-getter to fill the seat, noting that town officials had checked to make sure Mitchell and Hairston were okay with that method of filling the seat.

“After we learned that putting the vacancy on the ballot would have meant that anyone who had filed for the two open seats would not have been able to file for the vacant seat we discussed that it would probably be appropriate to let the person who came in third fill that seat,” she said, adding that to expedite next month’s organizational meeting she was making a motion to appoint Mabe to the vacant seat.

The motion carried unanimously, with Lewis providing a second.

The seat that Mabe will now fill will come up for election in November 2017.

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By Nicholas Elmes

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