County Amnesty International clus to host symposium on technology and environmental asset management

The first Symposium on Technology and Environmental Asset Management will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 24, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Walnut Cove Public Library, 106 5th St, Walnut Cove. All members of the community are invited to come and listen to papers and presentations from high school students on the use of energy resources within Stokes County and the disposition of the wastes from doing so. The presenters will be students from Stokes Early College and South Stokes High School under the direction of faculty members from both institutions.

Stokes Early College High School Amnesty International and South Stokes High School Amnesty International invited high school students to write and present papers and/or to offer presentations on the impact of potential fracking and/or the coal ash dump upon Stokes County and its residents. Stokes Early College Amnesty International is a service club at Stokes Early College and has been in operation for nearly four years; the organization has hosted a series of events on human rights and related issues since its inception and encourages students to make a commitment to the betterment of their community. South Stokes Amnesty International was formed last year and engages in a variety of social and community events and attempts to raise consciousness of important social issues within the community. It has participated in events with Stokes Early College Amnesty International. Both will be cohosting “SK8 against H8” with Stokes Pride on December 9 at King RollrKing in King.

The symposium allowed participants the chance to work closely with teachers and professors from surrounding institutions and to present their papers to the community at large during the symposium. For this purpose, there have been collaborative meetings and discussion between students and teachers with the aim of leading and directing research on energy and resource applications in Stokes County. Under the direction of their high school teachers, students researched and wrote papers under the direction of their science teachers. The papers will be presented on Nov. 19 and faculty members from the high schools and community college will judge the papers and presentations. Grand prize is a $100 scholarship.

Students have been encouraged to write papers that range broadly across the arts and sciences, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences and pursue an interdisciplinary approach. Papers will be presented on any subject relating to the study of the use and management of environmental resources within Stokes County and the disposition of waste from such. Papers are specifically focused in the earth sciences and biology, but can also include those from the social sciences and the humanities such as oral histories and impact statements from residents.

Participants will prepare a 10-minute presentation of their research project, which will be followed by a discussion with the community. Initial papers and presentations will be offered to a community of scholars for scholarly review; presentations of these papers will then be presented to the panel and those judged of merit will be presented to the community at large at the symposium In addition to cross-disciplinary and international discussions during the panel sessions, the symposium aims at creating a pleasant collegial atmosphere for further community exchange and contact on environmental issues facing Stokes County.

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