Jail design funding set

By Nicholas Elmes - nelmes@civitasmedia.com

The Stokes County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the expenditure of $437,600 for designs and construction administration for a proposed jail expansion.

The move is the next step in the process to deal with overcrowding issues at the existing jail as well as to hopefully generate much needed revenue by expanding the jail to a capacity which could rent beds to other jurisdictions and the federal government.

Under the proposed agreement with Moseley Architects the county would pay $65,640 for schematic designs, $87,520 for a design development phase, $175,040 for construction documents, $21,880 for the bidding phase and $87,520 for construction administration.

Moseley Architects Vice President Dan Mace told the board that they also had two additional items they could add to the cost of this part of the project at a later date.

He said some counties chose to have a third party give construction estimates before taking a project to bid, which would cost an additional $12,000. Additionally he said his company could offer Prison Rape Elimination Act training, in conjunction with training for the proposed expansion’s new security systems, to help the building come on line faster after construction is completed for a cost of an additional $48,400.

The county is pursuing full architectural renderings of the project so it can put it out to bid before borrowing money for the actual construction of the jail expansion.

The county hopes to eventually combine the cost of the jail construction with construction costs from the new Forsyth Tech facility into one USDA loan in order to save on financing fees.

“If the bids come back and for some reason you decide to not move forward with this then you would still have a design package you could put on the shelf and with minor modifications use at a later date,” said County Manager Rick Morris. “If a judge forced a jail upgrade then you would have your design and not some design forced on you.”

The proposed jail expansion would add an additional 88 bids to the existing facility at a total projected project cost of $5,188,818.91.

County officials have said the expansion could be a money maker for the county by renting out additional beds, projecting the new facility could generate between $261,950.28 and over $1 million in revenue per year.

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By Nicholas Elmes


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