King passes $11 million budget

The King City Council has unanimously passed an $11,184,801 budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year.

King City Manager Homer Dearmin said the budget includes no tax increase, nor increase in water fees, but does require a five percent sewer rate increase due to an increase in fees from the Winston-Salem Sewer Commission. The budget also does not draw from the city’s fund balance.

“This budget includes funding for three new positions, one for the police department, one for the fire department and a custodian/administrative position that will be shared between the fire and public works departments,” said Dearmin. “New vehicles are budgeted for purchase int he police department and new furniture and water fountains will be purchased for Recreation Acres, Central Park and city hall. A new brush truck is slated for purchase for the public works department, as well as a mower and salt spreader.”

The budget also contains funding for new sidewalks which will link Recreation Acres and Central Park contingent on obtaining matching grant funds.

Other highlights include funding for the city to conduct long range planning and monies to commission a feasibility study for establishing a wastewater treatment plant for King.

“In the Enterprise Fund , highlights include a new truck for our water maintenance department, a skid steer to be used at the water treatment facility on Donnaha Road and line replacement for our water and sewer systems,” added Dearmin.

The budget was passed after a public hearing during which no one spoke.

“This was a tough year, but all the department heads did a great job,” said Mayor Jack Warren, thanking Dearmin and city staff for their work on the budget process. “You are spending money wisely and you put the budget together like we think it should be put together.”

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