Stevens resigns as Walnut Cove manager

Walnut Cove is again looking for a town manager after current manager Monty Stevens offered his resignation Tuesday night.

Stevens told the town board he would stay in the position until the end of August, but needed to offer his resignation to pursue another job opportunity.

“At the pleading of a good friend, I have finally agreed and accepted another position with a private firm,” he said in his resignation letter. “My time here in Walnut Cove has been cherished and I appreciate everyone’s support.”

Stevens was hired as interim town manager in February, 2014.

“It has been a blast,” he said Tuesday. “The board has been wonderful to work with. I thought I would be here for three or four months and that would be it, but here we are 16 or 17 months later. It has been fun and rewarding. I hope I did a good job that was pleasing to the board and the folks of Walnut Cove.”

“I could not have done it by myself,” he added. “They have a good dedicated staff. Those folks are the ones who make the wheels turn.”

Stevens said he was planning to start working for a Fortune 500 company in October.

“It is just something that I personally cannot pass up,” he said. “I think to really satisfy myself, I need to try this.”

But he said he would stay with the town long enough to see the new License Plate Agency (LPA) office opened and running.

“That has probably been the biggest accomplishment,” he said. “We loaded up and went to Raleigh and evidently we made a good impression.”

Commissioner Sharon Conaway said Stevens had been key in the town winning the LPA contract.

“His being here at that point in time was key,” she said, “not only to us being awarded the contract but getting us through the process to be operational.”

She said Stevens had also been vital to securing a loan to improve the town’s wastewater system and plans for downtown revitalization.

“Another important aspect has been his personality and the way he interacts with people,” added Commissioner Kim Lewis. “He has been very approachable.”

“It has been good to have public voice that people can work with,” agreed Conaway. “He has done what is in his power to help people.”

Stevens said that had been his favorite part of the job.

“Just getting to meet the people and talking to them,” he said.

“He has seen the town through some numerous and difficult situations,” said Conaway. “The town has truly benefited from his tenure.”

“He has done an excellent job and will be sadly missed,” said Mayor Lynn Lewis.

The town will immediately begin the search for a new manager.

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