King Walmart grading to start in February

Officials think store could open by fall 2016

By Nicholas Elmes -

Grading and construction on the long-awaited King Walmart store is expected to begin in February and early spring, according to King Planning Director Todd Cox.

“We got the plans for the new building in mid-December,” he said. “We will mail them back with any comments and they will make their changes. The engineer is still saying it will probably be the end of February for them to break ground.

“I would think they could be open by July or August,” he added.

He said the grading work should take 30 to 45 days, noting he expects construction to start in mid April.

Cox said the city has received several calls about the property surrounding the planned Walmart in recent months, but said only one development company has said who they represent.

“We have gotten a call on one parcel in the front,” he said. “That came from an engineering firm representing Zaxby’s trying to get basic information on it. I have not heard anything back on that and it was about a month or so ago.

“Other people have called wanting to know how much land is left, but they have not identified themselves,” he added.

He said the city had also received a number of calls seeking details on requirements for bidding for the grading and construction.

“They will probably try to have all of that bid out by the end of January so they can start letting contracts,” said Cox.

He added that the city has also reviewed some plans for the construction of a new Taco Bell which will be located behind the existing KFC.

“We should be getting final plans in the next couple of weeks,” said Cox. “They will probably start on that one shortly after that.”

He noted that construction of the new Walmart will also include expansion of Ingram Drive.

“They will be putting in some more turn lanes and widening the whole street back to the curve,” said Cox.

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Officials think store could open by fall 2016

By Nicholas Elmes

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