Schools to consider drug test alternatives

By Nicholas Elmes -

The Stokes County School Board will consider a variety of drug test alternatives at its next meeting later this month to try to decrease the amount of drug use among students.

Assistant Superintendent Tony George said there were some concerns that some students were using someone else’s urine for voluntary drug tests and noted that he hoped to have pricing on a saliva based test at the next meeting.

“We would be sticking our heads in the sand to say that we do not have a drug problem,” said Board Chair Sonya Cox, who asked George to also provide more information on how administrators use reasonable suspicion drug tests to discourage drug use. “I feel like if we have the sheriff telling us there is a problem then we need to do everything we can to address it.

“This is the starting point of a discussion that will lead us to a larger discussion of what we can do about the problem,” she added.

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By Nicholas Elmes

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