Commissioners still at odds on sewer expansion

By Nicholas Elmes -

Stokes County commissioners continued to battle over plans to use leftover grant funds to expand sewer in the Meadows community during their regular meeting on Monday.

Pilot View Resource Institute spokesman Charles Anderson presented the board with a new plan to use the funds, without any additional county funding, to expand the existing sewer line to the proposed location of a new animal shelter on the old prison property on Dodgetown Rd.

He said the expansion would run for approximately 1,100 feet, but noted some of the existing line would have to be relaid to account for elevations differences in the gravity fed system.

Commissioners Jimmy Walker and James Booth continued to have issues with the proposal.

Walker questioned where some of the grant funding was coming from, questioning if what was listed as Forsyth Tech funding in the proposal was actually money that had been sent to the county.

“It is still state money,” replied Anderson. “It is not free-will money you could spend on something else outside of this project.”

Booth again questioned how much money was being spent on engineering and project management for the project.

“I have a little problem with construction oversight costs of $34,245 for 1,100 feet of sewer line,” he said.

Anderson said the engineering fees were set by the engineering firm and noted that project management and construction oversight covered a wide range of costs from inspections to grant management.

The board will vote on whether or not to approve the proposed project on Feb. 22.

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By Nicholas Elmes

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