Man arrested in dog slaying

Danny Roscoe, of Westfield, has been charged with three counts of felony cruelty to animals after an investigation into the death of three stray dogs who were found shot to death in the Pinnacle area on Monday, Feb 21.

Stokes County Sheriffs Office Det. J.M. Lemons said the dogs were reported to have been found on the 2400 block of Brims Grove Rd. in Pinnacle.

The issue first came to light in a Feb. 21 Facebook post by Bobby Clayton.

“Any one that lives in Pinnacle in the area of Brims Grove Road and Volunteer Road know there has been three dogs living in the curve near the river for a long time now,” he wrote. “People in this area have been feeding them and even provided shelter for the dogs. I was on my way home today and seen a few cars parked at the creek. I stopped to feed the dogs and found out some one shot and killed them today. The people parked there were in the process of moving the dogs body’s to the side out of the way. All three dogs were killed in the parking area at the creek. This makes me very mad and makes me sick.”

Clayton said it appeared that the dogs had been shot in their stomachs with buck shot from a shot gun, noting that he had taken many pictures of the dead dogs.

Stokes County animal control officers and sheriff’s deputies began their investigation on Tuesday, Feb. 22, but Lemons said they were unable to locate the animals at the scene.

“During the investigation, detectives were able to develop a suspect in the shooting of the three dogs,” he said, noting that Roscoe was under a $7,500 unsecured bond.

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