Finicum rally planned in King

By Nicholas Elmes -

The Stokes County Militia is holding a rally and cookout on Saturday, March 5, to raise funds to help the family of LaVoy Finicum, the Oregon occupier who was shot by police in January during a traffic stop.

The rally will begin at 2 p.m. at the Main St. bridge over Hwy. 52 in King and will be followed by a cookout at the King Masonic Lodge at 226, Jefferson Church Rd. at 4 p.m.

Organizers say the rally is part of a national event with rallies planned in every state on Saturday.

The Stokes County Militia are planning to have a number speakers at the cookout after the rally including Finicum’s sister-in-law Karen Johnson, Sheriff Mike Marshall, and journalist Jake Morphonious.

Food at the cookout will be free, but organizers are asking attendees to make donations, and plan to raffle and auction a number of items brought to the event by Karen Johnson. All proceeds will go directly to LaVoy Finicum’s wife, Jeanette, to use for legal fees or ranch needs.

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By Nicholas Elmes

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