Playground design day set

Community can share ideas on April 13-14

By Nicholas Elmes -

Plans for a unique, community funded and designed playground in Recreation Acres are moving forward with a design day set for April 14.

“We would love to have everyone in the entire city involved,” said Ashley Turner, who is spearheading the project. “Since we have three elementary schools in the King district, we are working out a way to include them all as well as middle and high school.”

Turner has recently formed a new local organization, Make a Difference in King, which is aimed at improving the King community through community involvement and funding. Their first project it to create a new playground near the senior center in Recreation Acres with the help of Play by Design, an organization which designs unique playgrounds throughout the country.

On April 13-14 Play by Design representatives will be in King talking to elementary school students and other community members to find out what their dream playground looks like.

Turner said that on April 13 designers and local committee members will meet for pre-planning and on April 14 designers will travel to schools to interview children about their dream playground.

Following those interviews, designers will draft an initial design of the proposed playground during the afternoon and will unveil the design at community meeting later that evening.

Turner said the playground appearance and size would depend on how much the community thinks it can raise for the project.

“Estimated budget for a high quality community built playground ranges from $30,000 to $500,000,” she said. “How big or small is up the community and businesses near and far.”

She noted that the design day is just the first step to making the playground a reality.

“We need people and businesses to come forward in helping donate services and funding,” she said. For example, if someone works in signage we hope that they would come forward in donating signs or banners, if someone works at a restaurant we would hope they would come together in participating in food for design day and/or build week. Builders, contractors, landscapers and handymen and women please come forward. Local and corporate businesses will be given levels of sponsorship as well. After design day there will be elements available too that people and businesses can sponsor.”

Turner said the group has raised over $1,000 for the project on their Go Fund Me page,, and are in the process of setting up a bank account where people can make donations locally.

She said she also needs people to volunteer to be on a committee for the project.

For more information on the project visit the Make a Difference in King Facebook page.

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Community can share ideas on April 13-14

By Nicholas Elmes

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