BOSS plans community service projects

Brylin Obedience Specialty School, LLC (BOSS) is in full swing making plans for community service projects.

The Stokes County Animal Shelter always has needs. The school recognizes this and is ready to help. The school will concentrate on projects to help the shelter.

In July, BOSS will be hosting its first sanctioned UKI (United Kingdom International) Agility Trial. The trial will be held July 25 and July 26. The public is welcome and admission is free. BOSS will donate 5percent of the proceeds from this trial to purchase immunizations for animals in the Stokes County Shelter.

August brings the first Stokes County 4-H Canine Camp to be held Aug. 3-6. This has been a dream of camp director Pam Davis, a Stokes County resident, for several years.

There are 14 campers registered to experience this dog focused camp. The campers will build and donate elevated dog beds to the Stokes County Animal Shelter. This will help the campers to understand the importance of helping others and giving their time to help animals.

The staff members of the school decided to sponsor reduced cost spay and neuter for animals adopted from Stokes County Animal Shelter for their September project. This cause is very important to the staff. They will donate 5 percent of the proceeds from the August UKI Agility Trial toward this project.

October will be the largest community service project that the school will do this year.

Ena Stackhouse is leading a food drive to raise dog and cat food for the Stokes County Animal Shelter. The food drive will kick off at King Fest on Oct. 3, in the King Central Park. There will be designated stations that you can donate your food. The school will be accepting all dog and cat food, dry or canned and will also be accepting cash donations. The food drive will end Oct. 10 at BOSS, 416-D W. King Street (the old Hasting Building).Their goal this year is to collect enough dog and cat food to feed the animals at Stokes County Animal Shelter for six months.

Brylin Obedience Specialty School is proud to be a Stokes County business. There are several projects suggested for next year. The staff members at BOSS are looking forward to working with the community to help animals in need.

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