Danbury changing speed limit boundaries

By Nicholas Elmes - nelmes@civitasmedia.com

Visitors to Danbury will soon have to travel a little bit slower through parts of town, following a decision by the Danbury Town Council last week to expand the 25 MPH zone.

Town Administrator Mike Barsness said the decision came after discussions with North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) over traffic calming actions the town could take.

“DOT has agreed to reduce our speed limit in town and Council passed an ordinance to do so,” said Barsness. “Currently the speed limit coming into town is 35 MPH all the way to the flashing sign. Now it is going to be 35 MPH until the Fire Department. That is where the 25 MPH zone will start and it will go almost until Sheeprock Road and then it will be 35 MPH from there all the way to the edge of town.”

Barsness said the speed limit will not change immediately.

“They have to develop a concurring ordinance in Raleigh because it is a state highway,” he explained. “That will probably take a couple of months at the most. Then DOT will come in and change all of the signs.”

He noted that the town would also move the flashing speed limit signs to the new boundaries.

Barsness said the council was also discussing other speed calming measures including a speed table and possibly several roundabouts.

“Our council members were quite in favor of them,” he said, adding that DOT engineers had also been in favor of roundabouts as a traffic calming measure. “We talked about maybe putting a roundabout at the government center and then maybe a round about at Sheppard Mill Road.”

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By Nicholas Elmes


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