Core sample drilling hits bottom

Patterson Exploration Services expects to have the Walnut Tree area core-sample drilling location closed and vacated by Thursday, according to Chief Geologist Russ Patterson.

He said hit metamorphic rock, called the basement in drilling activities, at a depth of 1,451 feet on Saturday morning at approximately 11 a.m.

“We pulled our tools out and cemented the hole shut and then we started back down in on Monday to get a segment we missed,” he said. “There was about 3.5 feet of core we were missing at the 254-foot depth. We should be finished and out of here by Wednesday.”

He said the drilling operation had encountered no problems.

“We have not had any water blow out of the hole or any other problems,” he said. “It is just been a rather uneventful hole except that we drilled into the basement. We don’t normally go that far but this gives the state a full section all the way through. They will run their tests and decided whether or not it is something worth pursuing.”

Patterson said the core sample included both the Walnut Cove Formation and the Pine Hall Formation.

“We know what it looks like from the surface all the way through to the basement,” he explained. “There is some black shale here. It may be over mature with nothing left or it may not be. That is up to the other guys to figure out. We just drill the hole.”

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