Adult spelling bee set for Thursday

Will raise money for East Stokes Outreach Ministries

By Nicholas Elmes -

The Second Annual Spelling Bee for Adults will be held Thursday, April 28, in the South Stokes High School Auxiliary Gym from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. to raise money for East Stokes Outreach Ministries (ESOM).

During the event, teams made up of four members will be given the same word to spell and participants will work together to to spell the word on a white board. Every team who spells the word correctly advances to the next round and those who don’t will have the opportunity to buy up to three second chances for $10 to remain in the competition.

Registration for each team is $100 and all proceeds will go to ESOM.

Awards will be given for best team name, best decorated team table, best decorated sponsor table, best dressed, prizes trophies for winning team.

The event is sponsored by Walnut Ridge Assisted Living.

Angie Bailey, who is helping to organize the event, said last year the event attracted 17 teams and she is hoping to get 25 teams this year, noting that teams can register on the night of the event.

She said funds will be used to help purchase a new truck for ESOM to transport food donations from the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Last August, ESOM Executive Director Marchelle Brown said the pantry is in great need of a new vehicle to transport food from Second Harvest Food Bank in Winston-Salem.

“We have a van that was donated to us about six years ago,” she explained. “That came to us out of pure prayer. We have used it every day since we got it. Our volunteers come in and use it to get donations from Food Lion and for our big runs.”

Brown said two days, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., are the key days for unloading large quantities of food.

“Wednesday is our big order day,” said Brown. “We order locally and buy locally for everything we give out from the pantry that we cannot get from Second Harvest. We usually have to buy additional peanut butter, jelly, green beans, corn, and canned meat.

“We go to Second Harvest on Tuesday and right now we average about 2,000 pounds of food from there every week,” she said. “It can be as much as 5,000 pounds.”

Brown said that with a need that, great it is frequently hard to safely transport that much food with the existing van.

“When you put that much weight on the van it is very scary,” she said. “Plus we are wearing the van out and we still need to do runs every day. We just did $1,100 in repairs to it over the past couple of months.”

She said the pantry serves about 150 families every week, and is worried about how to transport that much food if the pantry cannot find a new form, preferably a box truck, of transportation.

“I believe that just like God provided the van, God will provide a truck,” she said, noting that the pantry is specifically looking for an automatic truck without wheel wells. She said preferably the truck would be 14 to 16 feet long, although a bigger truck would work as long as it did not require volunteers to have a CDL to operate it. “I know there is someone out there that does not know the need we are facing. I hope they will find out about that need and realize they could use it as a tax write off and just want to be generous.”

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Will raise money for East Stokes Outreach Ministries

By Nicholas Elmes

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