King asked to support HB2

By Nicholas Elmes -

Local conservative E.A. Timm asked the King City Council to pass a resolution supporting HB2 Monday night.

HB2, also known as the Bathroom Bill, has filled the news in North Carolina for the past month after the General Assembly passed the emergency bill to negate a Charlotte ordinance which would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identified with. The bill also set a state-wide non-discrimination policy that excluded sexual orientation as a class and banned local governments from passing ordinances to override the state law, banned local governments from setting regional minimum wage laws, and removed the right of state citizens from filling wrongful termination lawsuits in state courts.

Since its passage the bill has been condemned by LTBG and civil rights organizations, vilified in national media and has resulted in a number of companies announcing that they will avoid doing business in the state.

Proponents of the bill have argued that it was necessary to protect women and girls from possible sexual predators who could have used the Charlotte ordinance to gain entry to women’s bathrooms.

“HB2 is nondiscriminatory against a woman’s right to privacy and rightfully discriminates against the action of men to use the women’s bathroom regardless of what he thinks he is,” said Timm. “That is wholesome and good for the family and puts safety first.”

Timm said the city should support HB2 through an official resolution or an official letter thanking the governor and the General Assembly for the bill.

“It would be appropriate this time when morality has so challenged this state by councils, organizations and businesses,” he said.

Later in the meeting Councilman Brian Carico said he would be interested in the council drafting such a resolution.

“I do think that if the council is inclined to create a resolution to send to Raleigh in support of this bill to continue without any changes, I think that would be a very strong thing the council could do to support it,” said Carico. “Even though there may be those few that disagree I think it would be good for our legislation to hear that support. That might be something we should look at putting on a future agenda.”

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By Nicholas Elmes

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