Site approved for King playground

By Nicholas Elmes -

The King City Council has given final approval for the site for a proposed community-built playground in Recreation Acres.

King City Manger Homer Dearmin said the Council unanimously agreed to approve its location on the former Dolphins football field in the city park after meeting with the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

“Options on both sides were expressed,” said Dearmin, “The advisory board proposed a study for the whole park to see how it could most effectively be used.”

Councilman Wesley Carter said the advisory board had some good ideas, but noted that such a comprehensive plan could cost the city a lot of money and would take several years to complete.

“I would not have a problem with using what was formerly the football field,” he said.

Councilman Brian Carico agreed, noting that the location would not likely impact future renovations plans for the park.

“They want to bring someone in and have a land use study done and tear everything out and start over,” he said. “I don’t think that a portion of the property that is up against the property line is going to prevent the other 24 acres from being redesigned if they want to do that down the road. We have an opportunity here to start something for the community.”

Organizers of the playground are currently working to raise funds for its construction and hope to have a community led build week in October. For more information visit Make a Difference in King on Facebook.

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By Nicholas Elmes

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