King adopts solar ordinances

By Nicholas Elmes -

King now has regulations governing the installation of solar energy systems, both for residential and commercial use and for potential solar farms.

The new ordinances were approved by the King City Council Monday night after a public hearing with no public comment.

The new ordinances set regulations for the installation of both free standing and attached solar energy systems for homes and businesses identifying height restrictions, required setbacks, and location requirements.

“Solar panels have been around for a while in King but there are no set regulations,” said city intern Mackenzie Day.

She said recent interest in creating a solar farm on property on Meadowbrook Dr. had led the city to investigate creating the ordinances.

“If that did happen then we would not have any form of zoning to govern it with,” said Day. “This will allow for solar energy production in King but still maintain the visual appearance of the city.”

The zoning directed at solar farms would require approval of a site plan addressing setbacks, buffering and height limitations. The ordinance also addresses signage and light pollution and would require a decommissioning plan for the site.

City Planning Director Todd Cox said the ordinance would grandfather in any existing solar energy systems

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By Nicholas Elmes

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