Walmart opening date set for March

By Nicholas Elmes -

King Planning Director Todd Cox told the King City Council Monday that it now looks like Walmart will not be open until sometime in March 2017.

He said the architects for the project had told them they hoped to finish construction sometime near the begining of 2017.

“They said it takes six to eight weeks to stock and fully staff it,” he said.

Cox said construction had been delayed slightly by a desire from Walmart to load test the property.

“They had so much fill dirt that they wanted to site load test it,” he said. “Where the big dirt pile is the actual footprint of the building.”

He said the test required letting the dirt sit for a while before being tested.

The Council also approved a request from Walmart to change the exterior color scheme of the new store from a previously proposed brown color scheme to a newer blue and gray color scheme.

Cox said the change was requested because the company is changing their branding schemes and also wanted to use exterior colors to help direct customers to certain areas within the store.

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By Nicholas Elmes

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