State GOP leader visits King

NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes visited King Thursday morning to meet with local neighborhood team members and activists to discuss their sustained field operation, the Republican Leadership Initiative program and how efforts in the field will help elect Donald Trump and other Republican nominees.

This stop is part of a statewide tour Hayes is conducting to meet with team members and volunteers in every region. He also visited Yadkinville and Mt. Airy on Thursday.

Attendees at the Hayes’ King stop at the Little Italy included Stokes natives and Salem College students Tara Hill and Olivia Walsh, along with other NCBoots team members.

“You can’t just do a push before the election and hope to be consistently successful,” said Hayes. “As Chairman in 2012, I saw the need for a sustained field operation and I was thrilled to return as Chairman this year to find that’s exactly what we’ve got. Since 2013 there have been paid staffers on the ground working to establish the greatest ground game operation the state has ever seen. The historic investment that’s been made in North Carolina helped Thom Tillis defeat Kay Hagan in 2014 and is the cornerstone of a permanent, year round ground game that engages in every community across the state. We’ve been building our operation for years preparing for 2016 . We’re ready to elect Donald Trump, Richard Burr, Pat McCrory, Dan Forest and all of our Republican nominees, while holding on to our majorities in the state House and Senate.”
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