Benjamin Forsyth program set

On Sunday, June 26, Jerry Rutledge will make a presentation on the heroic military career of Benjamin Forsyth, namesake of Forsyth County. The program will be held at Germanton Methodist Church, 3615 NC 8 & 65 (Main Street), Germanton, North Carolina, at 3 p.m.

In 1808~Benjamin Forsyth recruited a company of riflemen from what is now Stokes County and Forsyth County for incorporation into the United States Army. After the beginning ofthe War of 1812, his command led a band of Riflemen to Sackett’s Harbour on the New York Canadian Frontier. His bold and heroic tactics in battle in small unit actions across the Canadian Border bolstered the morale of the American public at a time when battlefield loses by the American forces were mounting.

As other military units assembled in upstate New York to invade Canada, The Forsyth Rifles were used as raiding parties into Canada a landing force to secure advanced beachheads for the infantry attacking Canadian forces. Throughout the war, Forsyth led his men with such distinction that he was twice breveted first to the rank of Major and finally to Lt. Colonel.

June 28, is the 202nd Anniversary of the death of Benjamin Forsyth from wounds suffered in an ambush of Canadian forces by the Forsyth Rifles in Odelltown, Canada. Benjamin Forsyth is buried in an unmarked grave in Champlain, New York, eleven miles from the Canadian border.

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