Animal Ark rescues cats from shelter

These cats are available for adoption at he Animal Ark in Rural Hall.

Veterinarian Lorna McLeod stands in front of 12 cats rescued from the Stokes County Animal Shelter which had to close for several weeks fro repairs.

These cats are available for adoption at he Animal Ark in Rural Hall.

The forced closing of the Stokes County Animal Shelter for repairs this week had many animal rescue groups scrambling to find places to house the animals at the shelter.

Veterinarian Lorna McLeod, of the Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital, was one of the local animal lovers who stepped up, taking all of the shelter’s remaining cats to her her facility in Rural Hall last week.

“We work with a few rescue groups and knew most of the dogs would be pulled out, but we knew there were still several cats up there in need of homes,” she said. “So I went up and pulled 12 cats from there. They were very nice at the shelter and released them all to me.”

The cats, ranging from kittens to 8-month-olds, are getting top notch care under McLeod’s supervision.

“We will be doing vaccines, de-worming, and spay and neutering all of them,”she said. “We will get them all up to date on their shots and free of parasites.”

She said her veterinary hospital offers boarding for cats and exotic animals and had some extra room to house the cats from the shelter.

“So we figured we would help,” she said, noting that she hopes to be able to adopt all of the rescued kittens out before the shelter reopens in several weeks. “We are trying to spread the word through Facebook. We are still trying to process them, but hopefully we will do some sort of adoption fair pretty soon as soon as we get all of their surgeries done.”

She noted that while she is volunteering the labor for the cat’s medical care there are still costs associated with their treatment like the cost of medications, and as a result she is accepting donations to help cover the cost of their care.

“We are pretty much set on food and litter donations, but we could use monetary donations to offset the cost of the surgeries, vaccines and testing costs. We do have some volunteers that are coming in helping us clean and take care of them.”

Local residents interested in adopting the cats should contact the Animal Ark at 336-969-0232.

“They are pretty adoptable kitties,” said McLeod. “We will want to look at potential adopters previous vet history just to make sure they are capable and responsible pet owners. Since we are putting a lot of time and effort into the kitties we want to make sure thy go to a good home.”

She said their will be an adoption fee, but noted that the fee had not yet been set.

County Manager Rick Morris said there were only three dogs being housed at the shelter on Saturday, and noted that renovations had begun on the shelter on Monday.

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