Scouts helping fire department on way to Eagle status

By Nicholas Elmes -

Three local scouts are planing to transform this carport into a new picnic shelter for the Rural Hall Fire Department.

A group of three area boy scouts are teaming together to work on their Eagle Scout service project and help the Rural Hall Fire Department at the same time.

Mason Cox, of Troop 919 in Pfafftown, Seth Moore, of Troop 409 in King, and Brent Rutledge, of Troop 914 in Rural Hall, are partnering to create a new picnic shelter area for Rural Hall firefighters to hold meetings at and use for local fundraising efforts.

Moore, who will be a freshman at West Stokes High School this year, said it was unusual for scouts of thier age to be working on their Eagle Scout project already. Cox and Rutledge will be sophomores at Reagan High School this year.

“Most people don’t start until they are 16 or 17,” Moore said. “I just wanted to knock out the ranks as quickly as possible so that I am not rushing on the Eagle Scout project. I know high school is going to be tough and I wanted to get it out of the way before the big stuff starts coming on.

“It is also unusual for scouts to work together on an Eagle Scout project, especially between three different troops,” said Moore, noting that in this case, given the scope of the project it made more sense to do it as a joint project. “My mom and Mason’s grandfather realized that Mason needed to get his Eagle Scout as well and they said why don’t we team up. Then Mason invited Brent to come on board and we decided to make a shelter area for the fire department.”

The scouts are planning on using an existing carport structure, currently located near a vacant house the town owns, to create the shelter.

They plan to pour a new concrete foundation for the shelter in September, then move the carport to the new location and completely restore and refurbish it.

“We were at the fire department trying to figure out what we wanted to do and it was between redoing the signs or remodeling the exercise area and they came up with the idea of making a hangout area for them,” said Moore. “So we started searching for a shelter and found this one behind the Marshall house.”

“It was a big project for one person so we decided to break it up and get three Eagle Scouts out of it,” said Cox. “Brent and I were in scouting together before I switched troops and I knew Seth from Dora working up here with my grandfather.”

Cox said one of the key goals of any Eagle Scout project is to develop leadership within the scout.

“We have to get workers to do the work and we have to lead them,” he said.

“It much more about the leadership than the labor,” agreed Moore. “We are here to see the whole thing through and make sure it gets done and help with the fundraising. We will have kids from our troops and friends and family to help us out.”

The ambitious project will not be cheap to achieve and the scouts are asking the community for help in funding the project.

Each of the three scouts is spearheading a different phase in project. Cox estimates the first phase, site development, will cost $1,300 to pour the concrete slab and set up access ramps for the new shelter.

The three scouts are working together on phase two, relocating the carport to the new location, and estimate that will cost $150.

Moore is in charge of phase three, refurbishing the structure and estimates it will cost about $1,300. He said they plan to install stone columns around the existing structural columns, add modern design elements to the entire structure, and stain the interior and exterior of the structure.

Rutledge is in charge of the final phase, estimated to cost $850, which will include the installation of a plaque honoring fire fighters, bringing in picnic tables and landscaping around the new shelter.

“This project is to recognize the fire department,” said Moore. “It will be good for the community, but it will also stand as a symbol for the fire department and if the fire department wants to host something for the community they can use it for that.”

Anyone wanting to make a donation, either monetary or materials for the project, can contact Dora Moore at the Rural Hall Town Hall at 336-969-6856.

Nicholas Elmes may be reached at 336-591-8191 or on Twitter @NicholasElmes.

Three local scouts are planing to transform this carport into a new picnic shelter for the Rural Hall Fire Department. local scouts are planing to transform this carport into a new picnic shelter for the Rural Hall Fire Department.

By Nicholas Elmes

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