Father, daughter publish books

By Nicholas Elmes - nelmes@civitasmedia.com

Jaylin and D.w. Beam recently published their first books.

For the Beam family, publishing is truly a family affair.

Father D.W. and daughter Jaylin have both recently self published the first books of two separate planned series.

“I have been telling her stories since she was a little girl and she started telling me stories three to four years ago, and I told her she ought to put some of that on paper,” said D.W. “She said she already had and about a year ago she told me I ought to put mine on paper as well so I did.”

He said his own stories came from years of traveling and adventuring throughout the world.

“I have seen and done a lot,” he said. “I was in the union and moved from state to state. Then I became disabled and started looking at becoming an author.”

He said his book, The Adventures of Kimball McRyan, has little something for everyone.

“The character is a genius,” said D.W., noting the hero creates a letter that allows readers to gain special powers. “There is superhero stuff, alternate realities, just a little bit of everything. This one will end up being a trilogy.”

Jaylin’s writing is more inspired by fantasy books she has read growing up. Her first book, The Mark of King, is planned to be the first in an eight part series focused on hero Trever who finds himself in a world of dwarves, dragons, elves and great battles after war comes to his home.

“She reads and writes all day long,” said D.W., noting that his 15-year-old daughter, who is home schooled in the King area, has blown though most of the books in the local library.

While the two have no problems coming up with subject matter for their work, they do rely on the matriarch of the family, Amy, to help get the finished product created.

“I have nerve damage in my hands so I can’t hold a pencil too well,” said D.W. “I tell my wife the stories and she types it up and then we go back and edit it together.”

Jaylin hand-writes her stories and then transcribes her notes into the computer, a process she describes as the worst part of creating a book. She said she also depends on her father and mother to help with editing.

“I don’t normally find too much wrong with hers,” said D.W. “My wife goes through both of our and helps enrich them.”

The Beam’s books are on sale in a variety of bookstores in North Carolina, including the Stokes County Arts Council Apple Gallery in Danbury, and online through www.dwbeampublishing.com.

The books also feature original artwork that D.W. and Jaylin create together.

“She paints it and then I go in and edit it in a photo editing software,” said D.W. He noted that his wife is also working on a book about the Oregon Trail titled Faith’s Journey West.

He said his publishing company is always looking for new talent and can help any local authors get published.

“We don’t know everything, but we will sure help them get a book out without it costing them an arm and leg,” he said.

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Jaylin and D.w. Beam recently published their first books.
http://thestokesnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/web1_IMG_5867.jpgJaylin and D.w. Beam recently published their first books.

By Nicholas Elmes


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