General Assembly Approves Responsible Budget

By Kyle Hall

With strong bipartisan House (92-23) and Senate (36-14) support, the General Assembly gave final approval to the State Budget. This budget demonstrates responsible and fiscally conservative principles by cutting taxes, investing in our teachers and state employees, and preparing our state for the future.

Here are some highlights of this $22.34 billion balanced budget:

* Teachers receive an average 4.7% pay raise – moving the median state teacher salary to above $50,000;

* Full-time state employees receive a 1.5% salary increase and are eligible for an additional 0.5% merit-based bonus;

* State retirees receive a 1.6% cost-of-living supplement;

* The state’s rainy day fund reaches an all-time high of $1.6 billion;

* Taxes are cut by $145 million by raising the standard deduction for a family $1,000;

* The Justice and Public Safety portion of the budget is increased 4%, including the purchase of a desperately needed airplane for the State Bureau of Investigations;

* It protects the environment by providing an additional $8.6 million to the Clean Water Trust Fund;

* It supports our state’s infrastructure by investing $32 million for new highway projects, $14.8 million for airport development, and $13.7 million for safety updates to our railroad system.

In the 91st District, I’m excited to announce that this budget provides Stokes County with a $250,000 grant for broadband expansion and approximately $100,000 for downtown revitalization in the City of King. In a bill we passed earlier this month, the Town of Walnut Cove will receive approximately $52,000 from the termination of an irrevocable trust.

This budget reflects my commitment to not only our teachers and state employees, but to the taxpayer. I believe this budget moves our state in the right direction and prepares us for the future.

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By Kyle Hall

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