Teacher insight of the 2016/17 budget

By Amanda Dodson - adodson@civitasmedia.com

Marsha Dunn, a South Stokes educator and president of the Stokes County Association of Educators, shared her thoughts regarding the 2016/17 fiscal year budget at the Board of Education meeting on Monday.

She and many of her colleagues are concerned about the continual cuts being made throughout the county.

“We never began teaching for the salary, but when certain items such as supplements are being threatened that takes away from our own family. We need reassurances from our county leaders in both boards that we are valued, protected, and will have the resources needed for every student to be successful. I cannot effectively have labs in a class of 30 when supplies are nonexistent and funds are not available to buy for that many students.”

Dunn said she and other educators are often told to ‘make the best of it’.

“At a certain point, the best of nothing is still nothing,” she said.

After Monday’s meeting, the school board opted to send the budget back to Stokes County Commissioners requesting more funding to keep from cutting school resource officers or any portion of the local four percent supplement employees receive.

“When the commissioners take another look at the budget I want them to think about the property owners in Stokes who would gladly pay more in taxes, $50 a year for most, to generate $2 million for our county,” Dunn said. “We need fully-funded services, especially education. Our students are amazing and parents should demand that they receive the same opportunities as other better funded counties. As educators, we should be proactive to fight for our profession and our students. The school board and the commissioners need to come together on a budget that provides the best for our county.”

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By Amanda Dodson


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