King Council answers questions about trash pick-up

By Amanda Dodson -

The City of King rolled out a new garbage service provider, Waste Management, the week of June 27 to mixed reactions.

“We knew going into it with new drivers and a new company we were going to have some hiccups,” explained City Manager Homer Dearmin. “We’ve had a few rough weeks, but I feel like we’re over the hump.”

At Monday night’s city council meeting Dearmin said he’s having weekly phone calls with Waste Management and is scheduled to sift through specific recurring issues in person this Thursday.

“We’re working through those and trying to get them resolved.”

Councilman Brian Carico said he’s been asked numerous times about the size of the new cans and if they’re the same as past provider, Waste Industries.

Dearmin said, “The can holds the exact same amount of trash as the previous ones.”

“We’ve had a lot of phone calls. Folks are not understanding that while their pickup may be on the same day, Waste Management may run that route differently than Waste Industries. If they were picked up at 10 o’clock in the morning, it may not be the same time, but they’re still picking up the garbage on the same day.”

Carico said another frustrating issue for some residents is that trash is not being picked up it up if it’s placed on top of the can.

“I would hope they would have the courtesy of throwing the bag in the truck, but again if they do it for one person they have to do it for everyone. They informed us upfront they would not pick up extra trash and they also informed customers of that in the flyer, but we’ll talk to them about it,” Dearmin said.

Councilman Rick McCraw was told by a customer the new waste management truck was having difficulty turning around at the end of a street. Due to this, the person had to place their trash can in a different location than before.

Dearmin explained he was in the same situation.

“I live in a cul-de-sac and now I have to put it on the other side of the road. It’s a couple of extra steps and shouldn’t be that big of a concern. With having that one arm contraption they need those garbage cans to be on a certain side of the road to do that efficiently.”

Dearmin said for those with a medical need, if they’ll provide a doctor’s note, Waste Management would make sure they were accommodated.

“We saved $85,000 per year to contract with this company,” said Councilman Wesley Carter. “Eight-five thousand dollars is a couple employees average salary per year. You expect us to spend your money wisely. If we overspent by $85,000 I’m sure we’d have a line of people here to tell us about it.”

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By Amanda Dodson

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