State releases accountability data – Stokes fares well

By Amanda Dodson -

According to accountability data released on September 1, North Carolina students are continuing to make gains on most measures used in the accountability of schools. The release indicated that 75% of public schools earned an overall school grade of C or better in the third year of the state’s A-F grading system.

The Stokes County Schools was one of only thirty-nine school districts across the state that had all schools in the district as a grade of C or better. Seventy-six districts across the state had at least one school within the district that was designated as a D or F school. Stokes County Schools had seven schools that received a letter grade of B and eleven schools designated as a C. As an alternative school, Meadowbrook Academy is not given a letter grade but rather a designation. For the 2015-2016 school year, Meadowbrook was designated as progressing.

“I am thankful for the hard work of the students, their families, teachers, staff, and administrators,” said Stokes County School Superintendent Dr. Brad Rice. “The results that Stokes County Schools has achieved are the result of everyone working together to educate the students. We will analyze the results and develop a plan to get better and ensure Stokes County Schools is the best choice to receive a quality education in this area.”

In addition to the letter grades that were released with the September 1 data, the state also provided a growth status for each school as part of the data analysis. This past year, Stokes County Schools had nine schools that met growth expectations and five schools that exceeded growth expectations. The schools that met growth are Chestnut Grove Middle, Germanton Elementary, Lawsonville Elementary, Pine Hall Elementary, Piney Grove Middle, Pinnacle Elementary, Sandy Ridge Elementary, Southeastern Stokes Middle, and Walnut Cove Elementary. Mount Olive Elementary, King Elementary, Nancy Reynolds Elementary, North Stokes High, and South Stokes High Schools exceeded growth as compared to state expectations.

As part of the data release, results from EOG and EOC assessments were also made available to the public through the Department of Public Instruction’s website. The results revealed that Stokes County Schools is outperforming the state in many areas. Looking at the overall results of EOG and EOC, Stokes had a proficiency of 60.2% overall compared to the state’s average of 58.3% with female students in the district outperforming their state average by 2.9% while males were still above the state average by 0.9%. The results also showed that the American Indian, Asian, Black, and Hispanic populations in the district are doing better than the state average while the white population is slightly below the state. Other subgroup data revealed that students in Stokes designated as Economically Disadvantaged were 8.3% higher in performance than others with the same designation across the state. The subgroup of Students with Disability had similar findings with the Stokes subgroup outperforming others in the state by 8.9%.

Further analysis also demonstrated that the county elementary and middle schools are doing well compared to the state in the areas of reading, mathematics, and science. With the exception of the 8th grade data, all areas of third through 7th grade performed above the average and ranked the district in the top 1/3 of school districts across the state. The eighth grade data was below the

state average in performance proficiency. The high school data revealed that the district is near the state average with the data associated with Biology, Math I, and English II.

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By Amanda Dodson

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