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By Alia Boyd -

Aaron Gibbons working on one of the pieces that he will be showcasing in his collection.

No stranger to the Stokes County Arts Council, having won the council’s scholarship in 2010, Aaron Gibbons is currently displaying a collection of his work at the Apple Gallery in Danbury.

Gibbons’ art is made out of wood and metal, however his passion for the two materials wasn’t always apparent.

“My grandfather was a major influence for me as a child, he was an illustrator,” Gibbons said.

Gibbons explained that he’s gone through quit an evolution as an artist, having started out drawing, then painting, then started working in printmaking, which lead him to sculpture, and now he has finally settled on wood and metal as his two primary mediums.

Gibbons, who lives in King, graduated from high school in 2010, having homeschooled, which according to him allowed for more flexibility and time to focus on his art.

At the age of 16, Gibbons started taking classes at Surry Community College and later on at —, which he said aided him in his transition to undergraduate arts coursework.

Gibbons studied sculpture and art education at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Since graduation, Gibbons has continued to hone his craft all the while working as an elementary arts specialist at Mount Airy City Schools.

The collection that Gibbons is displaying at the Apple Gallery is a mixture of new and old pieces, some of which he said he completed five years ago and others that he finished the night before the opening, adding that wood and metal ties the collection together.

Gibbons work has also been displayed at the Mount Airy Walk in 2015, Art of Delurk Gallery at The Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts in Winston-Salem in 2014 and Carolina’s Got Art: June Salon Exhibit at the Elder Gallery in 2013 in Charlotte.

Gibbons new exhibit is the second time that he has presented work at the Apple Gallery, having previously presented “One Person Show” in 2012.

“I think it’s awesome that I’ve had repeated opportunities from the arts council. The scholarship was really big. I had a lot of opportunities to get my art out at a very young at through the arts council, it’s very supportive,” Gibbons said.

As for his teaching Gibbons said that it’s difficult to find an appropriate balance between time in the classroom and time in the studio, but noted that his passion forces him to make time to devote to his art.

“At the beginning of the year I like to share my most recent pieces and show the kids what it’s like to be an artist; that gained a lot of respect from them. Art doesn’t have to be in a museum, it can be accessible and that teaches them that they can grow up to be artists themselves,” Gibbons said.

A grand opening was held for the exhibit on Friday at the Apple Gallery.

“It’s a mixture of excitement and a little bit of anxiety to see who comes out,” Gibbons said of his feelings before the grand opening. “Most of the time people have questions and I enjoy talking with them so it will be fun.”

Aaron Gibbons working on one of the pieces that he will be showcasing in his collection. Gibbons working on one of the pieces that he will be showcasing in his collection.

By Alia Boyd

Aila Boyd may be reached at 336-415-2210.

Aila Boyd may be reached at 336-415-2210.

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