By Alia Boyd

The Small Town Main Street Committee, part of the Town of Walnut Cove addressed a wide range of issues at its Aug. 18 meeting, including the upcoming Tree-Lighting and Santa’s Shopping event, STIHL Tour des Trees event, and newly installed bike racks.

Tree Lighting and Santa’s Shopping

According to Kim Ferrell, of the Small Town Main Street Committee, the Tree Lighting and Santa’s Shopping event is scheduled for Dec. 2 from 3 to 7 p.m. A new addition to the annual event will be shopping offerings provided by vendors at the library and down the side street that connects to the library.

Ferrell said that the shopping component of the event will take place in the earlier part of the day, which will feature the much anticipated tree lighting, music, Santa Clause himself, s’mores and hot chocolate after night fall.

The addition of vendors to the event is due in part to the fact that the annual vendor event that the committee organizes was cancelled in May due to weather concerns.

“This is a new way of doing things this year,” Ferrell said.

As for the actual lighting of the tree, Ferrell said that the large tree located inside the park that is normally used for the tree lighting was the topic of discussion and concern at the Aug. 18 meeting due to the fact that ice had affected some of the limbs in years past, which detracted from the visual appeal of the tree and lights.

A possible remedy to the concern that was explored at the meeting was the use of projection lights, which the committee observed and analyzed. No formal decision has been made in regard to the matter.

STIHL Tour des Trees

A bicycle tour that is scheduled to begin and end in Charlotte, lasting from Oct. 9 to Oct. 15, is said to pass through Walnut Cove on Oct. 10.

The is tour to promote the importance of trees and will stop off at the Walnut Cove Public Library. Participants of the tour will be provided with a lunch and will later plant a forest pansy redbud tree at the park. The tree will be donated by Mitchell’s Nursery in King.

While in Walnut Cove, the bicyclists will also go to Walnut Cove Elementary School to speak on the importance of trees for the environment.

Bike Racks

According to Ferrell, the committee discussed the placement of two bike racks at its Aug. 18 meeting. The racks are located at the Post Office located in Walnut Cove and in the vacant lot beside the Main Street Diner.

Ferrell said that bike racks were part of a yearly project that the committee works on. She added that the project was smaller in scale than the committee had hoped, but explained that without the vendor event in May, there simply wasn’t a surplus of money in the budget to be used on projects.

Last year’s project was the instillation of planters and solar lights in front of the “Welcome to Walnut Cove” sign.

The next Small Town Main Street Committee meeting will be on Sept. 15 at 6:30 at the Walnut Cove Public Library.

By Alia Boyd



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