Council selects consultant

By Aila Boyd -

The Danbury Town Council voted unanimously to authorize Mike Barsness, town administrator, to prepare and sign a contract for pedestrian plan consultant services that will cost the town $15,000.

The winning bid went to Destination by Design, an urban planning company based out of Boone, North Carolina.

The two unsuccessful bids for the services were from Stuart Urban Planning and Alta Planning Plus Design. Stuart’s bid came in at $49,000, whereas Alta’s bid was for $20,000.

“They seemed to have made a proposal that was geared towards a larger community,” Barsness said of Stuart’s proposal.

Barsness explained to the council and mayor that he spoke with clients of all three of the firms and received nothing but positive remarks about each of them.

Alta’s proposal included seven to eight renderings, whereas Destination by Design only includes three renderings in its proposal. The decision to go with Destination by Design was largely made due to the fact that despite its proposal only includes three renderings, additional renderings may be added for $800 a piece, which would still be less than Alta’s $20,000 proposal.

The other benefit of selecting Destination by Design that Barsness cited is the fact it completed a considerable amount of work in the area and is familiar with the layout, which will in turn allow for faster results.

The $15,000 fee and additional rendering costs, if desired, will be paid out over the course of two fiscal years.

Other topics the council addressed included the 2016 Stokes Stomp Parade, the re-appointment of a planning board member, and crack sealing for Meadow Road.

2016 Stokes Stomp Parade

Mayor Janet Whitt addressed the council regarding the 2016 Stokes Stomp Parade scheduled for Sept. 10.

Whitt explained despite her efforts, there has been a small number of parade application submissions even though many had been handed out.

“I feel like it will be the same ones,” she said.

This is the first year Danbury has required participants submit applications in an effort by the town to organize the parade efforts. Whitt noted there is no entry fee for participation.

Another topic of discussion surrounding the parade was whether or not candy should be thrown from parade floats due to the fact it could be a safety hazard. The hazard concern primarily focuses on children that might run out into the street to collect a piece of candy rather than the danger of someone being hit by a piece of candy. A possible solution to the concern is to have individuals walk along the street edges and hand the candy to the children instead of throwing it.

Planning Board

The council unanimously voted to re-appoint John Turpin to the Planning Board.

Meadow Road

The council unanimously voted to approve a crack sealing project for Meadow Road. The project will cost the town a total of $1,850 and will cover the entire length of the road. The crack sealing process includes the cleaning out of cracks in the road, burning of the grass and the resealing of the asphalt. Meadow Road was selected for the project after a process and prioritization plan was developed last year.

The next Danbury Town Council meeting has been rescheduled from Sept. 21 to Sept. 28.

By Aila Boyd

Aila Boyd may be reached at 336-415-2210.

Aila Boyd may be reached at 336-415-2210.

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