Dear Editor,

Immorality is the magnet that draws support for the immoral LGBT behavior. Thereby, foolishly or deliberately, the Judiciary is confused on the Constitution’s “equality” clause, and have ruled equality between behaviors that are not equal. They should be subpoena’d and asked to explain their folly. Nonetheless, all just law addresses behavior, and there is no equality between Right and Wrong–the Moral and Immoral. Man is not sovereign over Right and Wrong, or else there is no such thing as Right and Wrong; then all would be–arbitrary opinion–leading to chaos, as the heathen have experienced for centuries.

From the British Colonies, which became States, homosexual sex has been a Crime Against Nature until the Supreme Court ruled against Natural Law, and made homosexual sex legal. To rule against Natural Law is the Corruption of Law; it is False Law. Nothing is superior to our Creator’s Law! That is what our Founders declared from “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”–the Bible’s Holy Scriptures.

In America, is not over 200 years of precedent in Statute and Common Law enough to establish the illegality of homosexual sex, and enough precedent to question the honesty of our courts, and politicians? The Mosaic Law and the Bible’s New Testament judgment against homosexual sex has not changed in thousands of years. Even Jesus proclaimed: “till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled,” (Matthew 5: 18).

Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of NC Values Coalition, emailed information about the recent Wikileaks of DNC emails, which revealed the DNC’s activity of orchestrating with out-of-state activists to impose their values upon us, create economic harm, and oppose HB2. The complete email can be found at: The title is: “DNC & NYC: Stop Forcing Your Values on Our State!”

The coordinated effort to change America from its Biblical moral foundation to immorality is alarming. For, without morals for ourselves, our State and Nation, where is honor, dignity, and respect; where is soundness of mind and conscience; where is truth, trust and Justice–conformity to our Creator’s Law? Is it all gone?

Like the shame Americans felt when several of our Olympic swimmers lied about being robbed in Brazil, so it is–when our President, Supreme Court and others lie to us, especially about immorality; since immorality is not just, nor is it justice to promote it. Immorality destroys wherever it goes.

E.A. Timm, Walnut Cove, NC

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