Thank you Stokes Sherriff’s Department

Dear Editor,

I wanted to give praise to our Stokes County Sheriff’s Department and 911 Dispatch for their thorough actions on this day and every day. In the early morning hours of August 8, 2016 I was listening to the police scanner when I heard they had a 911 call, but they could not find the location it was coming from. They got as close to the tower the cell phone was pinging off of, but still didn’t know the callers location.

They had an open line with the caller and could hear a man yelling, “Have you called the police? Call the police!”

A woman kept saying, “Help us! Please help us!”

The Sheriff’s Department kept driving around the area of the cell tower in hopes they would hear their sirens over the open cell phone line, but they were not able to. After about 45 minutes of the deputies trying to find this 911 caller, the woman was able to tell them they were on the Jomeokee Trail. Now, the Sheriff’s Department at least knew the area the caller was in. They knew the call was coming from inside Pilot Mountain State Park which is in Surry County, instead of Stokes County.

They contacted Surry County Sheriff’s Department, the park ranger and N.C. Highway Patrol. They all met at the gate to the park which was closed. They found their way to the lost couple and the man had fallen and had injuries that would require him to be carried out of the park. They made arrangements to have a team gather to carry the injured man out. I say kudos to the Stokes County Sheriff’s Department and the 911 Dispatch for seeing this 911 call through to the end, and not giving up no matter how difficult it was.

God only knows what would have happened to this couple stuck in the park if Stokes County Sheriff’s Department had given up. Thank you to all who serve at the Stokes County Sheriff’s Department and 911 Dispatch for all the hard work you do every day and never get credit for or a simple Thank you. Keep up the great work!


Jennifer & Guy Turner

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