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Happy Birthday to the following: Steven Hairston August 19, Tressa Gray, Lyden Miller, Arthur Welch Jr. August 20, Delaris Douglas, Ryan Chandler, Jayshaun Johnson, Marilyn Davis August 21, Susan Allen, Venitra Mitchell August 22, Sherwood Covington August 25.

Please continue to pray for our sick and shut ins: Wanda Hairston, Alma Dalton, Thelma Johnson, Larry Goolsby, Fran Fields, William Green, Glenda Green, Essie Neal. Emma Gray, Rev. Gregory Hairston, Marquis Tatum, Dot Barlowe, Larry Woods, John Earl Manns, Karen Morehead, George Carroll, Dan Duggins, Rose Duggins, Ron Carter, Claire Tatum.

Diane Hall and Christine spent the week with relatives and helped celebrate their aunt Margaret Robertson’s 91st birthday at the Olympic Restaurant. Other family members were daughter Wanda Hairston, granddaughters Robin West, LeShundra Goodwin, and nieces Marilyn Booe, Diane Hall, and Christine Booe.

The first John and Betty Bynum Gibson family reunion will be held on Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 1-6 p.m. at Morris Chapel UMC in Walkertown. Located at 2715 Darrow Rd. Everyone is asked to bring a picnic basket lunch and we will be fellowshipping at St. Mary’s UMC on Sunday, August 30 during the morning services. Contact Angie Morris for further information.

Donna Welch Moore formerly of Walnut Cove and Winston Salem, NC is here visiting all her brothers and sisters and mother. She now lives in South Dakota with her daughter.

Thought for the Week: You are glad to see relatives come home to visit but some of them should have stayed where they were. If you have a cookout people start coming out of the woods and doing drive bye’s. If you see smoke, watch out.

To contact Marilyn Booe call 336-591-4251 or 336-972-2481.

Marilyn Booe

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