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Happy Birthday to the following: Iris Smith, Bryson, Sharon Simmons, Sabrina Martin August 31, Victor Hairston, Zolee Brown Sept. 1, Jasper Fulp Sept. 2, Frances Shirley, Noah Mitchell Sept. 3, Barbara Tyner Sept. 4, Whitney Simmons, Brenda Mabe Sept. 5, Donald Ray Lash Sr, Cedric Payne Sept. 6.

Our prayers are needed for the sick and shut ins: Billy Jean Beatty, Herman Moore, Essie Joyce, Emma Gray, George Carroll, Ruth Mitchell, Ralph Mitchell,William Green, Glenda Green, Fran Fields, James Lash, Victor Hairston, Joe Chester Welch, Sarah Jane Welch, Dan Duggins, Rose Duggins, John Earl Manns, Larry Woods, Alma Mitchell, Alma Dalton, Tony Hopkins, Gwen Winford, Thelma Johnson, Charles Gibson, Arthur Winford, Don Smith, Dean Smith, Babbett Scales.

Associate Pastor Minister Gordon Hairston was given an appreciation service on Sunday, August 30th at New London Primitive Baptist Church. Guest church was Rock Hill Baptist Church and guest speaker was Pastor John O. Hairston. The introduction of the speaker was held by First Lady Cynthia Hairston.

The first John and Betty Bynum Gibson Family Reunion was held Saturday, August 29 at Morris Chapel United Methodist Church in Walkertown.

Greater Grace Temple Holiness Church will honor their musicians on Saturday, Sept. 5. at 4 p.m. All groups: choirs, male, choruses, soloists, mime teams, praise dancers, are invited to come and help.

Thought for the Week: Have you heard the old saying that if you pick up a penny if it’s on heads put it in your shoe? I told my grandson, Noah that and sure enough he found one and put it in his shoe. Probably two hours later he received $10 for helping a neighbor. It also happened to me on the same day but it was more than $10 so I hollered, “Thank you Jesus!” He’s always on time when you need Him, I also pick up the pennies on tails, save enough and it will buy you a pizza. So remember those old sayings your parents tell you. Have a great week.

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