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It looked like the biggest part of Francisco was at the Board of Education meeting, Monday, at the old courthouse in Danbury. This was no ordinary meeting. This was to convince the Board not to close our precious Francisco Elementary School. Community members, Texie Jessup and Nick Watson headed a power point presentation that sent a positive message to the board in favor of keeping the school open. They did an outstanding job. Let’s hope the School Board listened and took notes. We take our school and our young people very seriously.

There will be a Fun Day Benefit Party for Marty, Saturday, June 27 at Francisco Elementary School. This is an all day event with food, music, entertainment for the kids, poker run, auction and anything else you can think of. All proceeds go to final and medical expenses for Marty Dean Martin’s family. This event starts at 11:00 am and doesn’t end until 8:00 pm. Please come out and support this worthy cause and help this family.

“Cleaning Hint” If you are like most people, you have those hard water stains in your toilet bowl. Most cleaners will not get them out. You can get cleaners that are really strong, but I wouldn’t have them around my children or pets. Solution? Use a sanding sponge. You can get them at any hardware store or any place that sells sandpaper. They will be in that section. Use a fine to medium, glove up and use a little elbow grease. Does a great job with no harsh fumes or poisons.

Sylvia Burton is a resident of the Francisco community and can be reached at or 336-351-3216.

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