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While going to look at a job the other day, I had the very rare privilege of meeting Miss Edna Earl Womble. Now Miss Womble is not the average senior citizen that I usually work for. It wasn’t the intricate needlework that graced pillows and valances, some framed neatly on the evening’s darkened walls that made this lady any different. Although very beautiful, the patterns did not hold a candle to Miss Womble’s smile. No, she is different. Before going to the Grand Canyon a few years back, she made several journeys up and down Forrest Road and Horseshoe Road. She called it “training” for her hike through the Grand Canyon. At that time, she was 97. She told me about the beauty shop in Raleigh where she and her sister worked in their younger days. Their clientele were that of judges ’ wives and politicians’ wives. One of her regulars, was the wife of Watergate lawyer, Senator Sam Ervin. She compared the numerous changes in the world over her lifetime to “a lot of water over the dam.” Her niece, Jo Ann and husband Horace Stimson, just recently had a birthday party in her honor. Miss Edna Earl Womble turned 105 years young. I can’t wait to hear more stories! Happy Birthday, Miss Womble!

A big thank you goes out to all who came for the Fun Day-Party for Marty benefit held Saturday at Francisco Elementary School. It was a huge success!

Please keep the family of Kevin McMillian in your prayers. Kevin passed away unexpectedly last week. His mother, Darlene, and step-father, Larry Dean Tilley, live in the Collinstown community.

It’s hard to believe that students are out for the summer and we still don’t know the fate of Francisco Elementary School. Numerous meeting and countless hours have been spent preparing presentations before the School Board and administration to secure one more year for our school. There will be a public hearing, Sunday, July 12, 3:00 pm, at the Francisco Community Building. Anyone for or against the closing of our school is encouraged to attend and speak his/her heart. This is serious, folks. This meeting will determine the future of our school. Will it be the final nail in the coffin? Will it be the school board, administration, parents and volunteers working closely together toward a common goal – a successful, thriving Francisco Elementary School? Let’s show our support for the latter!

Have a wonderful 4th of July! Stay safe!

Sylvia Burton is a resident of the Francisco community and can be reached at or 336-351-3216.

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