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Happy Birthday to the following: Jackie Hairston, Tina Fulp, July 12, Cynthia Johnson July 13, Reana Fulton July 14, Ree Ree Brown, Debbie White, Sharee Brown July 15, Gerald Bostic July 16, Clara Tatum July 17, Akila Watson, Maxine Lash, Justin and Jordan Hairston July 18.

Happy Anniversary to my son Brian and Shellie Booe on their anniversary July 17, 2015.

Continue to pray for our sick and shut ins: Dean Smith, Tony King, Billy Jene Beatty, George Carroll, John Earl Manns, Charles Hairston, Wanda Hairston, Cora Williams, Mario Simmons, Margaret Simmons, Alma Dalton, Ida Dalton, Barbara Tyner, Curt Dalton, Ron Carter, William Green, Glenda Green, Essie Neal, Dan Duggings, Rose Duggins, Fran Fields, Essie Joyce, Hermon Martin, Willie B. Hairston, Lessie Simmons, Karen Morehead, Babbette Scales, Cleious Linster, Gwendolyn Winford, Larry Goolsby, Dot Barlowe, Larry Woods, and Diane Hairston.

Christmas in July on July 18, 2015 at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Walnut Cover Senior Center. They will have Christmas items, household items, home baked goods, crochet items, and two raffle tickets for a quilt and tool box. Tickets can be purchased at the door or contact George Hairston Jr. at 336-488-1105.

Thought for the Week: I would much rather have a cookout when it’s in the 90’s in the daytime than have one after dark with no lights on. You know you got to be eating bugs, mosquitoes, and everything else that’s flying around but some say what you can’t see you don’t care.

To contact Marilyn Booe call 336-591-4251 or 336-972-2481.

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