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Happy Birthday to the following: Amber Miles July 19, Thelma Johnson, Richard Morehead, James McKoy Smith July 23, Klei Hairston, Josiah Cleghorn, Josiah Cleghorn July 25, Tim Joyce, Willie Mitchell July 24, Otis Mabe Jr., Tristen Fulp July 26.

Happy Anniversary to Lester and Kathy Penn on July 24. Please continue prayers for sick and shut ins: William Green, Glenda Green, Essie Neal, Lessie Simmons, Willie B. Hairston, Essie Joyce, Dewey Mitchell Jr, Ida Dalton, Sarah Jane Welch, Joe Chester Welch, Larry Woods, George Carroll, Alma Dalton, Curt Dalton, Barbara Tyner, Wilbur Price, Dan Duggins, and Rose Duggins.

The Rainbow Tea held at Baileytown Christian Church on Sunday, July 19 was a huge success. If you left there hungry it was your own fault. Thanks to all the visitors that came to join us and to fellowship. We have some awesome cooks at Baileytown and great talent. Chestnut Ridge is having their annual revival each Wednesday night in the month of July beginning at 7 p.m. There will be a different speaker each night on Wednesday.

Goodwill Baptist Church is celebrating their annual Homecoming Service on Sunday, August 2 and 3 p.m. Goodwill’s revival services will begin on that Monday, august 3 through Wednesday August 5 at 7 p.m. nightly.

Thought for the week: If you want to see a preacher with a frown on his face just let someone beat him to that big pot of pinto beans with that ham back in it and if he gets it he’s going to look back at you and say I already got it stop looking.

Be safe and have a great week.

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Marilyn Booe

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