Frayed Apart

As our Nation is being frayed apart by immorality and violence, no one from the major media has come up with the cause. If the main problem is white cops killing innocent blacks, then ban guns from white cops. If immorality is destroying lives and families, we better know what it is; despite the fact that Hollywood thrives on immorality and violence; and the major media spins their own news narrative to inflict blame or innocence.

We have lost our foundation for even understanding Right from Wrong when the Supreme Court ruled against Bible reading and Prayer in Public schools. For over 180 years Bible reading and Prayer was allowed in public schools. Thomas Jefferson had the Bible and Watts Hymnal used as reading material in the D.C. public schools, since the Bible and Prayer are not a Church. A Church has a steeple on the roof, and a date of its establishment.

If we are not taught Right from Wrong from the Bible, the book with the highest moral standards, we cannot clearly know what they are, and that is why society is being frayed apart; even our families. Right and Wrong cannot be an arbitrary opinion, nor change from country to country; or else there is no Right and Wrong.

The first week in July, the head of the Department of Justice, put more pressure on a Federal Judge to stop the bathroom portion of HB2, so that Transgender people can use the bathroom of their choice in North Carolina. The President, just before the 4th of July, made our military–Transgender acceptant. These people should know that immorality destroys, where ever it goes–period.

If we took an oath to the Constitution we have an obligation to refuse immoral law from being forced on us, since the Constitution in Article 4, Section 4, guarantees us a Republican form of government; and a Republican form of government is based on Virtue–behavior showing high moral standards. That is what America needs for a turnaround.

Benjamin Franklin when asked about our form of government, responded: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” We cannot keep it if we do not get involved and demand Virtuous Law, which is at the heart of a Republic–laws the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

Therefore, we should not stay silent as our Nation is being frayed apart by immorality and violence, on its way to Sodom and Gomorrah, when we know the cause and cure.

E.A. Timm, Walnut Cove

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