Stokes Stoked a success

Dear Editor,

After another successful STOKES STOKED Youth Rally, I want to say thank you to all who helped in any way. Some donated goods/services, others prayed, still others simply attended. You will all be blessed in return. The founder of this now-annual event, Anita Burroughs Mabe, would surely be thrilled. Personal testimonies of changed lives make the labor worth it all.

We owe a huge thank you to the Walnut Cove Lions Club who allowed us to use Lions Park, as well as their downtown marquee. We also appreciate the Walnut Cove Wildcats whose football staff helped with field maintenance and lights. The tents loaned/set up by Burroughs Funeral Home were such a blessing. And how thankful we were for the port-a-jons donated by B & M Septic!

Then there’s our thanks to the sound/stage guy, LeVan Moxley of Moxley Production Services; he worked uncomplainingly for numerous hours to make sure we had the best-sounding show possible! He was aided by Stage Manager Kimble McEachern, Emcee James Brock Jr., guest speaker Rev. Shannon Jessup and numerous performers. And to every single person who got on that stage to sing, dance, play an instrument, quote a Bible verse, testify—may you all be richly blessed for how you blessed God and us.

Thank you to all who donated food so we could offer a free meal: hot dogs from Mitchells Meat Processing Co. and Hartman Farms, buns from Food Lion/Walnut Cove, chili and slaw from Main Street Diner, condiment packets from The Farmhouse, chips from Arbor Ridge Assisted Living, sodas from Walnut Ridge Assisted Living and desserts from the Artist’s Way in Danbury. And where would we have been without Mr. Gossett bringing his cooking equipment from afar to cook the hot dogs? Not to mention you selfless folks who volunteered to serve the 400 sets of meals or help give out t-shirts and Bibles—your labor was well-noted.

We won’t forget that the ever-helpful Walnut Cove Fire Department was there with a first-aid tent….or that local deputies from the Stokes County Sheriff’s Office checked by periodically….or that local preachers worked a prayer tent….or that private individuals donated money/goods….or that area churches gave offerings, coolers of ice, cases of bottled water. You were all a huge help!

Kids and adults alike were thrilled with the 360 free t-shirts from HanesBrands, Inc. in Rural Hall. Ken Williams of 350 Tees in Walnut Cove did a phenomenal job screenprinting them with the “God of This City” theme!

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes an army of God to put on a big event like STOKES STOKED. You unselfishly gave/participated to help our local youth who came from all over Stokes County and beyond to enjoy the event. Many youth who attended have testified that they will never be the same again.

Thank you for being a part of that.

Leslie Bray Brewer

Pastor/Director, Times of Refreshing Ministries

Walnut Cove

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