Time to fulfill promises

It is important that the State budget protects the modest benefits promised to our public servants.

Government employees teach our children, build our roads, maintain our parks and protect us from crime. We need these loyal employees to focus on the important work that benefits us all.

We can be proud that North Carolina’s retirement system is currently strong. Our commitment has helped our State attract and retain dedicated people. In turn, North Carolina attracts smart companies who take advantage of our high quality of life.

Budgeting means tough choices and requires care to avoid unintended economic consequences. On the surface retirement benefit reductions may be seen as a savings, but at what ultimate cost? For the largest employer in North Carolina, retirement uncertainty has the potential to undermine our State’s economy.

North Carolinians – public servants and private citizens alike – deserve to live in a state that fulfills its promises. For North Carolina workers, protecting retirement cultivates trust, integrity and our competitive edge.

Graham Pervier

President, North Carolina Retired Government Employees’ Association

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