Masons seeking help

Walnut Cove Masonic Lodge will celebrate it’s 100th year as a chartered Lodge in January of 2016. We are trying to locate relatives or friends of those who served as Master of our Lodge in it’s formative years. If you can be of any help please hopefully by supplying a picture of them or any other information thats helpful, contact Billy Joyce 336 593 8549 and leave a message if need to. I promise to return all calls. They are: William P Wheeler, 1916, Peter Harrington 1917, Robert A Hedgecock Sr. 1918, John W Slate 1919, John Bailey,1920 ( I have a picture of him) Minnish N Wheeler 1921, D Taylor Ramsey 1927, Dr Chester Helsabeck 1928, Luther O. Williams 1929 , John Lewis 1942, Luther Friddle 1934, (We have a pic of him and I distinctly remember him) Henry Burnette 1937, Mallory Jones 1946, Charles Hiram Adkins 1951. The reason for skipped years, some of the men served additional years after their first one.

My thanks to anyone who can help.

Billy Joyce

Member Walnut Cove Masonic Lodge

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